what do you think about me.......????

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Do you know me....??

Am I a fabulous guy,,,,????

Am I an outstanding person...??

Okey most of you maybe doesn’t know me well

Cuz’ I’m not a fabulous guy and I’m not an Outstanding person

I’m just an ordinary people

But as you know that I have so many friends arounds me who know me well

And recently I’ve just done a research about “what is your ( my friend ) opinion bout’ me...??”

And the results are...

most fo my close friend told me that I’m so attractive, and I’m so powerfull hehehe

and then they also told me that I’m so funny so they are feelling enjoy in beside me

cuz i can make them loud of laugh hahahhahahahhaa

yes actualy I have a good sense of humor that can make the people around me always being happy

they also told me that I’m too smart to hide my private life, cuz’ I’m introvert

but as you know that I can be extrovert if i had felt tasteful with that guy

bit it depend on my mood hehehe

yeah honestly I can be extrovert if my mood is well

and they told me too that I’m groovy, nice, n full of jokes hehehe

some of my friend told me that I’m so open minded

and they also describe me that I’m too fashionable so that they call me as “Cowok Metroseksual”

hhahaha its sound nice but sometimes its sound ridiculous too

yeah just FYI actualy my awareness about fashion is well

cuz’ I always want to seems like a good guy, I mean that good looking enogh hehe

cuz’ I think that fashion was needed by mens too, not only for a womans

Oia by the way not only good opinion bout’ me

But there are some many bad opinion bout’ me

They told me that I’m so open handed

Honestly I can’t hold my passion of shop

Cuz’ sometimes I can’t hold for purchase that what I want hehhe

Okey...thats all opinions bout’ me from my close friends

I would like to say thx u so much for your opinions bout’ me

It can be a push for me to get a good life in the future

I Love You All.............

Im so glad to be yours

And I hope you do....

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