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u know them..........?????
maybe no,,,
yup as u know that they are "GL"
GL is Genk Lebay
hahahaha maybe its sound ridiculous
but its so mean to me
they r my 2nd fam
they can make me feel so warm
they always support bout what whould I do
for me they r a great people who go down by GOD to accompany me
we always together in everything we do
i dont know what might happened to me if they were not,,,,,,,
im so weak without them hahahha its sound LEBAI....
but its true...
they r always who understand me
oh ya FYI my genk is exist enough at our campus
n as u know that almost of us are assist at our campus
is that great...??
i believe ya
n as u now that we already know each other bout 2 years ago
but we have to be closer
oh god im so lucky to be urs guys
n im so proud of u guys

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