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what is it..??
sory its BFF not BBF hahha
BFF is BestFriendForever
have u got a BFF...??
I belive that you have
same likes u i do
how big are mean a BFF for you...???
for me its uncountable
yup for me BFF is everything
most of people that I know are my friend
but just the only one that i call as a BFF
u know who?
this is it
maybe most of u dont know yet bout her
its Tesya Soraya
but just call her eca
start since when I was on the 1st class at my Campus
n finally we knew each other by a shake hand
we used to be a classmate
but not now anymore
but we keep contact each other by technologies
as u know that
I always share my problems with her
she is a kinda person
so that I felt comfort when I talked wit her
maybe she's not as smart as like Ratih
she's not as funny as like Eci
she's not as innocent as like Novi
but she more wise n mature than them
once upon a time I've ever talked bout my big confession with her
I talk bout who I am
to be honest I was scared when I talked bout it to her
cuz i was afraid if she didnt want to be my friend anymore when I talked bout it
but fortunately she's accept bout what I talked with her
since I talked bout it with her I feel like enjoy beside her
n belive it or not, now I prefer her than them to share my problems
now we always spent our time together
like this pics

spent our time @coffe shop

spent the nite @sky dining

buat gua lo temen gua yang paling the best deh ca
lo temen gua yang paling gua respect dari temen gua yang lain
lo bisa buat gua bangun disaat gua jatuh
lo bisa buat gua lega disaat gua bingung harus dibuank kemana unek2 yang ada dikepala gua
n lo temen yang paling bisa ngertiin apa mw'a gua
g salah kalo gua bilang lo sebagai BFF gua ca
maap yah kalo gua kurang waktu buat maen sama lo
love u more ca.......
sukses ya ca buat semua urusan lo
GBU ^_^

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