Indonesia is in Bali...????

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when I was shoping @Plaza Senayan there's an old ladies from Canada ask to me
Old ladies : "sory, r u japanese..??"
me : "pardon?, oh sory Im not"
me : Im Indonesia mom
Old ladies : "ohhh sory" (maybe she's thinking)
me : "it's okey"
Old ladies : "sory, where exactly Indonesia is?"
me : "hah?" "well where do you come from mom?"
Old ladies : "I come from Canada"
me : "hmmm,,(confuse,cuz what I have to tell) ohh Idonesia is in Asia near of Singapore n Malaysia"
Old ladies : "oohhh" (but I belive that she was thinking bout it)
me : "hmm have you ever heard bout Bali before?"
Old ladies : "oh yes I know,ohh Indonesia is in Bali..?"
Old ladies : "Bali is the beautiful island"
Me : "L.O.L hahha no mom, actualy Bali is in Indonesia"
Me : "Bali is an Island in Indonesia"
Old ladies : (maybe still thinking where is it)
well...as the matter of fact that Indonesia has not known well for foreign
hmm I think that the goverment of Indonesia has to be fight for introduce where Indonesia is


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