me + u = we & me + u = love

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yup like these pic that me + you = we
we wouldn't be us without you n me
did u know that I'm so proud to be u
n I belive that you do

you know what?
cuz of you we can make a love
yup love was made by us (we)
without us love wouldn't be here
cuz love was formed by you n me
cuz you + me = love

n like these pic
I can survive without you
cuz between of us had based of love
maybe its sound to much
but its real
like mariah carey's song "we belong together"
like taylor swift's song "you belong to me"
n now like chris brown's song
"with you"
cuz I need you boo
n I wanna let you go boo
u know why...?
it's cuz

buat bi n bebeh
I never let you go
till you bore to love me
n till a real love come to you
love u all

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